04 August 2018

Numerous scientific developments of the KNUTD scientific collectives attract more and more attention of foreign partners who are interested in long-term cooperation and implementation of socially useful and commercial projects.

The Chinese investment company "GOLDEN EG TEKNOLODZHY", which searches, finances and introduces advanced technologies for the Chinese market, first of all - in the direction of producing the latest materials that have world-class know-how, is interested in the project KNUTD "Composite paint for protection against electromagnetic radiation (EMV) ", which received the Diploma of the winner of the Startups Contest at the Sikorsky Challenge Festival-2016 Festival (leader - Professor Barsukov VZ).

The company "GOLDEN EG TECHNOLOGY" is interested in the finalization of this project and its implementation in the Chinese and Ukrainian markets in clean and clean construction. In the future, it is planned to use development for coloring premises of kindergartens and schools, rooms for people with high sensitivity to EMD. The ultimate goal of the project is to reduce the impact on human health of the electromagnetic "smog" created by the radiation of antennas of 3G- and 4G-mobile operators, television and radio transmitting antennas, radars, communication systems, mobile gadgets, and others.

On July 31, 2018, the rector of the university Professor Gryshchenko Ivan Mikhailovich met with the director of the Chinese investment company "GOLDEN EG TEKNOLODZHY", Mr. Chan Si Tsu, in the KNUTD. The meeting was attended by the vice-rector of the KNUTD, professor Vitaliy Chaban and the head of the department of electrochemical energy and chemistry professor Barsukov Vyacheslav Zinovievich.

During the meeting, the parties expressed their intention to sign a memorandum of cooperation between KNUTD and the company "GOLDEN EG TEKNOLODZHY" and in every possible way to facilitate the implementation of projects of university scientists.

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