Università degli Studi di Milano

Università degli Studi di Milano
University of Milan or University of Milan (UNIMI) - public higher education institution in Italy. The beginning of UNIMI's academic activity was laid in 1924. The main building of the university is located in Milano inside an urban campus. University ranking. The University of Milan is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Italy and is one of the five best universities in the country. The university is included in the 5% of the best higher educational institutions in the world, occupying the 223rd position. Strong areas of the university are: "Arts and Humanities", "Engineering and Technology", "Life Sciences and Medicine", "Natural Sciences", "Social Sciences and Management", "Mathematics", "Economics and Business". The educational institution is recognized as one of the best universities in terms of the quality of education and is included in the top 200 in the world ranking for this criterion. The University of Milan is considered one of the most respected educational institutions among employers in Italy and around the world.
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The degree course consists of 360 credits overall, spread over a six-year programme, of which at least 60 must be acquired in training aimed at the acquisition of specific professional abilities. Graduates in the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery must have:
1) acquired the scientific bases and the necessary theorical-practical preparation to Directive 75/363/CEE on the practice of the medical profession;
2) acquired a level of professional awareness, decisional and operative autonomy safety with a deep sensitivity to the complex human problems and social diseases;
3) acquired the theoretical knowledge arising from basic sciences and the ability to properly apply it in the perspective of subsequent professional application;
4) acquired the knowledge of physiopathology and organ and apparatus pathologies, interpreting them in the light of basic scientific knowledge from a clinical point of view;
5) acquired the competence to properly obtain and examine data and elements related to the state of health and illness of an individual;
6) acquired the ability and the experience of facing, and solving, the priority health problems considering the preventive, diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects;
7) been exposed to the content and methods of scientific research as a tool to access the clinical field, always in the context of a training translational "from bench-to-bedside" and vice versa;
8) acquired the knowledge of historic, epistemological and ethical dimension of medicine;
9) acquired how to communicate properly and clearly with the patient and his/her relatives relating to them with humanity;
10) learnt how to co-operate with the different professional figures in the various health activities they will be exposed to;
11) learnt how to apply the principles of health economics in medical decisions and acquired the ability to recognise health problems in the community and intervene in a competent manner.

All the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan have programmed access and require an admission test. Upon the Law 264 date 2.8.1999, the test is the same for all Italian public universities offering an international medical curriculum, and takes place on the same day at the same time all over the world. The main focus of the admission test is to examine and judge the fundamentals of scientific knowledge and reasoning. The number of students who can be admitted is defined annually by a Decree of the Ministry of Education and Research (MUR), taking account of the training potential declared by the university on the basis of the teaching and clinical resources and structures available, and also the requirements reported by the Lombardy Region and the Ministry of Health. Candidates who have a High School Diploma, or alternative qualification achieved abroad and recognized as suitable, can be admitted to the single cycle degree courses in Medicine and Surgery. Candidates in eligible positions in the ranking of the admission test must enroll according to the procedure of the university.

The admission test (International Medical Admissions Test, IMAT) is designed by Cambridge Assessment in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The admission test consists of sixty (60) multiple choice questions with five options (of which only one is correct) on the following topics: general knowledge and logical reasoning; biology; chemistry; physics and mathematics.